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At Base Brews we have one main goal; to make Specialty Coffee as accessible as possible.

After working in Specialty Coffee for over 12 years in Australia, Dubai and the UK, Hayley Palk had the idea to start Base Brews. At its core, Base Brews is a resource for the Specialty Coffee Community in the UAE and greater GCC region.

We do this by making high-quality, easy-to-use coffee products for you and your brand.

In our facility, we are able to roast and/or pack your coffee into high quality, easy to use coffee products. We have in-house machinery to pack Drip Bags, Biodegradable Nespresso-Compatible Coffee Capsules and roasted coffee beans. In our facility, we have our own refrigerated air-dryer, air compressor and Nitrogen generator. Our Drip Bags and Nespresso-Compatible Capsules are all Nitrogen-Flushed to preserve freshness.

We have spent a significant amount of time sourcing the highest-grade materials. Our biodegradable Nespresso-Compatible capsules & lids are sourced directly from Europe, and our Drip Bags and Filter Bags are sourced directly from Japan.

We have two main avenues to produce these products for you or your brand:

  1. We offer a rotating range of Specialty Coffee – from coffee beans, to drip bags to Nespresso-compatible capsules. We select origins that are seasonal, consistent, and delicious.

  2. We pack YOUR coffee into the above products. Whether you are a roaster or a coffee brand, we can work with you to help you launch a range of high quality, Private Label, convenient coffee products.

Have more questions about how we work and our process? Check out our FAQs here.

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We are here to help. Ask us anything!
We are here to help. Ask us anything!