Private Label

At Base Brews, we partner with Roasters and Private Label Brands to create convenient Specialty Coffee products.

Our process is simple.

1. Reach out to us via *Whatsapp or *Email and let us know which products you are interested in.

2. We will request coffee beans from you to begin the sampling process.

For Drip Bag + Full-Immersion Bag samples, we require 250g coffee per origin.
For Capsule samples, we require 500g coffee per origin.
It is at this stage that we calibrate your coffee to give the optimum extraction.

3. The samples will be sent to you to give us your feedback. Depending on your feedback, we can then make a second-round of samples, or move forward to the next step.

4. If we are printing the pouches and/or boxes on your behalf, we will request the design files from you and print samples for your approval.

5. Once all is approved, we will request you send us your roasted coffee (or we will roast on your behalf). We will then enter the production stage.

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We are here to help. Ask us anything!
We are here to help. Ask us anything!